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2018 Prices - Day tours

£48.00 Adults (26-59yrs)

£43.00 Saver (16-25yrs, 60yrs+)

£28.00 Child (5-15yrs)

FREE Child Under 5yrs (but let us know)

*Minimum numbers apply to every tour*

Walking Tour (Not available - opening soon)

£10.00 Adults (16yrs+)

£5.00 Child (10-15yrs)

FREE Child under 10yrs


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*Minimum numbers apply to every tour*




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*Minimum numbers apply to every tour*



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1. Rejected payments are sometimes due to an incorrect address. Please ensure the address you input is the same as your card providers details / bank statement.

2. See Wales Tours will confirm your booking by email. This will not happen immediately. We endeavour to reply within 48 hours. We may call you if your tour is for tomorrow.

3. We do not issue paper tickets. Read the confirmation email.

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*Minimum numbers apply to every tour*





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